Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)

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Jubilee Community Church – a place to remember the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, as He showed through His sacrifice on the cross, opening the way for our salvation. In 2015, a missionary designated by the Olivet Assembly of USA started Jubilee Church with the hope and dream to provide a platform for people to come and worship God, and to call Jubilee as a place where they can grow and experience the transformation of life by building up the Body of Christ together. Jubilee Community Church is officially part of the Olivet Assembly of USA which is an association of Bible-centered churches in America, coordinating local missions in all across fifty states of America and sending out Olivet...


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Sunday Service: Do You Want to Get Well?

On February 4th, the first Sunday of a new month, Jubilee World Community Church offered Sunday Service with the meditation about the power of faith. The message is from John 5:1-18, Jesus healed a 38-year disabled man. This person suffered for 38 years, this long time is like the Israelites in the desert wandering for 38 years because of their...

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Jubilee Community Church Held Graceful Sunday Service and Fellowship

On January 21st, Jubilee Church in St.Louis held graceful Sunday Service with the message about gospel life of apostle Paul through the book of Philemon. The sermon was from Philemon 8-19. It’s very warm personal letter and reminds us of the gospel. Although...

St. Louis Jubilee Church Resumes Campus Bible Study

On January 11th St. Louis Jubilee Community Church resumed campus bible with one newcomer. The church minister taught the parable of sower from Matthew 13. The sister Paige received lots of grace. The church minister explained the reason for the Lord using...