Midwest Summer Retreat Day2 Ended with Graceful Worship

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On August 20th, the second day of Midwest Summer retreat was very graceful. Members were satisfied by God's words from bible studies and the wonderful day was ended with graceful worship night.

In the morning, Pastor Hewitt the Minneapolis Church minister, Pastor Christine the Sioux Falls minster delivered messages. The two ministers interpreted the secret of Kingdom of God with passionate. After noon, after a wonderful city tour, members gathered together and had a bible study again.

In the night, the jubilee members formed a praise team, guided worship night.  Members were released by the songs.

After worship, all the members also prayed together for the missionaries from Detroit and Minneapolis, cause they had to go back their mission city for next Sunday service in their own church.

"I am so thankful that God giving me this chance to join the retreat. Just the message said, God has given us treasure, I need to open my eyes to see it, and I also want to purchase it, so that the treasure can become mine."  One member came from Sioux Falls church shared.