Midwest Summer Retreat Concluded with United Heart

Midwest Summer Retreat

On August 21st, the last day of the Midwest Summer retreat, God's grace was overflowed. God used the invited speaker Pastor Leandre to encourage all the members have deeply desire to live seeing God. 

"God has his plans on each one. Because of God's wonderful plan on us, we were called. However, there are still many people who are waiting for you. They are waiting for you to bring the Good News to them. The woman who was bleeding many years, but once she touched the cloth of Jesus Christ, she was healed. This healing happen is because of her deeply desire. The tax collector Zacchaeus was saved. It is because of his strong desire. Today, for ourselves, our community, our family we also should have this strong desire. Once we have desire in our heart, God will work according it." Pastor Leandre exhorted members.

"I was so touched by the message. God is using His servant to encourage me. My heart was renewed. I hope to keep this passion to have strong desire to keep moving on." Sioux Falls Church minister Pastor Christine said.

"I felt like the retreat time is like the wine. The longer will be the tasted. I hope I can unite more to bring more people here to experience the work of Holy Spirit." Pastor Sharon who is from Des Moines shared.

After message, members prayed together, and had wonderful fellowship time.  All the church members also had a chance to tour the Jubilee building. Some of them had gone back their mission cities after tour.

The retreat was ended. However the grace of God will never end. May God continue to bless His churches!