God Healed One Sister's Kidney Stone

God's healing on Miriam

God is our healer. In three days God healed Wendy's sister from kidney stone.  Here is the testimony from Miriam.

My name is Miriam Morales. I come from Albuquerque, New Mexico. My sister Wendy sent me an invitation to come to Jubilee World for Jubilee 14 anniversary. I was very excited because during the Jubilee concert I got to meet several sisters and brothers in Christ. Pastor Zechariah prayed for me and prophesied that God was going to heal me. I suffered a lot from kidney stones, and he told me I would be healed.

This past Thursday I woke up at 5:30 was feeling an immense pain, and I went over to my sister's room to let her know I was feeling pain in my back, and it would move towards my abdomen. She prayed for me and gave me medicine. But that day I was spent in bed because of that pain. I experienced the love and kindness of everyone in Jubilee World. People served me with a sincere heart, and everyone prayed for me as well.

At the Friday prayer meeting, Pastor Erin prayed for me, and she saw a vision that was a rock hanging from a string, and I felt while she was praying for me that the kidney stone would soon be gone.

Today (Saturday) the stone came out. I am free of the kidney stone and no longer in pain. This is a miracle God did for me. I witnessed the power of prayer and I am very thankful to God for having me here to experience the power of prayer. God bless everyone.