Jubilee Church Welcomes One Family for Sunday Service

Sunday Service

On November 13 St. Louis Jubilee Community Church had a graceful Sunday service with one family from Des Moines, Iowa.

The church minister delivered the message about the Cain and Abel from book of Genesis chapter 4. The church minister exhorted members to close the words of God, so that they can gain the victory in every day's spiritual battle. "There are two images inside of us. One image is evil one which is like Cain, another one is good one which is like Abel. There are fighting between these two images. The way for us to gain the victory is only through Jesus Christ. The Lord shows us cross. The cross is dying. We have to kill the Cain inside of us, so that the image of Abel can grow. We must overcome evil with good." Pastor Erin shared.

The minster continues to say. "Truth is the power to allow us to distinguish good and evil. Through the words of God, it divides good and evil. We have to keep distinguish. If we don't want to sin, you have to train ourselves to divide. After you divide what you should do? You should follow the good. The good heart is inside of us. The Able heart, we have to go before God following that. If we end up following to Cain, then we will get further away from God. We won't be pleased with that heart."

After service, all the members have a wonderful table fellowship. Jack who is from Des Moines testified "Today's message is very great. This morning I had read the book Romans 7. When I listened to the message from the sermon, I can understand the struggling of Paul which also is mine."

After fellowship the couples went back their own city. Please pray for the church in St. Louis. May God revive His own church with lost soul.