Jubilee Welcomes Two Members From Japan for Sunday Service

Members from Japan

On November 27th, St. Louis Jubilee Church had a graceful Sunday service with two members from and one member from Ohio. Through the message members' hearts were warmed. These three jubilee members also served the church through leading the worship during the service.

Church minister Pastor Erin delivered the message from book of Acts 10. Through the story of Peter evangelized Cornelius, Pastor Erin exhorted members to practice prayer, and to have widely heart towards people. "Prayer is very important for us. Through prayer Peter's old view was changed, and he also through Cornelius' prayer, they met each other. In the coming year, we have lots of goals, so we do need to pray more." The church minister shared.

"Peter even though he experienced the great power of love from the Lord, he can't understand God's love. There's discrimination inside of him. However, after three times confirmation from the Lord, Peter changed. The Lord has cleaned us. We may have some feeling that we were not clean yet. But we should remember we have been cleaned. We are in Christ. Therefore there is no condemnation any more. Look at Jesus Christ, He already tore down all the barriers through His body, so today we can be the members of Christ. We should wide our heart, do not just look at ourselves." Pastor Erin said.

After message, the members had a wonderful fellowship. They had a chance to visit the jubilee theater and the tour the campus. The member from Ohio went back to his city after the theater tour. The two Japan members will went back their country on November 28th.

Thank God pouring down grace during the service. May God continue to bless His church!