Jubilee Church Grows with Clear Evangelism and Bible Study Schedules


On December 8 St. Louis Jubilee Church members set up the evangelism and bible study schedules after meeting.

For the bible study, there will be the series bible study during morning service from Monday to Friday, which will be for all the committed members and devoted members.  The newcomers will be able to attend to the afternoon bible study on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The church will provide the campus bible studies in the weekends.

For the evangelism, the church minister will keep the evangelism standards. Other church members will set up the goal to evangelism at least 1 hour each day. And during weekend, there will be group evangelism in campus or neighborhood.

One church member said "It is very necessary that we set up the schedule for evangelism. It is not only the church minister's work, but it should be our work to share the good news the world and bring the lost souls back to God."

"As more people joining the bible study, we need to divide different groups. And in order help the members grow, except group bible study, we may need to provide one to one bible study too. So we have to make more materials for bible study." The church minister said.

Please pray that the church minister and all the members can keep the schedules. May God continue to bless His church!