Jubilee Family Ministry Set Up Library


In order to help all the members in the church for their marriage, Church family ministry purchased some good books. 

"Study is very important. We should not stop studying, no matter for ourselves, or for our families. We need to grow up through study. We have very precious words of God. Through reading some good books also help us to understand the words of God." The ministry director said.

"Right now we purchased around 20 books of < Choosing God's Best> which is a very good book for singles to read.  We also will purchase some good books such as <The Meaning of Marriage> < The Seven Principles Making Marriage Working>. We hope have at least four language books too. Our goal is that all the Midwest cities will be able to set up FFF leader and local library. So that local church members can be take care well through the local FFF leader. " Pastor continued to share.

Please Pray that God help all the family members to grow up in His truth and His love! And all the books be used precious.