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  • Jubilee World Community Church Continues Campus Evangelism for Summer Retreat

    On May 21st, after graceful Pentecost retreat, minister of Jubilee World Community Church in St.Louis continued campus evangelism with hope and expectation toward Summer retreat. Jubilee Church is praying to register AM and establish stable AM study group this year. It’s very important to find faithful AM leader who can work together. Even through one person who determines to devote to God, the whole campus could be changed. Now universities in St. Louis are having summer semester, small amount of people are on campus, so it is hoped thirsty soul could be found and intense Bible study could be held this summer. Please pray for mission in St. Louis and passionate students could be gathered together to worship God.

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  • May 25 | 2018
    Midwest Region Pentecost Retreat Concluded with Power of Holy Spirit

    The three days Midwest Pentecost retreat concluded on May 20. The Midwest Regional leader Pastor Brian delivered the closing& Pentecost service. All the members received abundant power from the Spirit of truth. Pastor Brian delivered the message from the book of Acts 3 verse 1- 10. “The crippled man is not others, it is us. What is our focus now? It probably still is the people’s hands which could be money, materials or others things. But all these things could not set up free. Only the truth can.  We need to focus our eyes on the living water that is the Lord Jesus, so that we can be truly free.” The pastor exhorted the congregations. “Today’s message is very helpful….

  • May 25 | 2018
    Midwest Pentecost Retreat Began at Chicago Gracefully

    On May 18, Midwest Pentecost Retreat began at Chicago Crosspoint Community Church. Ministers and members from Detroit, St.Louis gathered to join the great gathering. The Chicago minister Pastor Olivia delivered the opening message. After the table fellowship with the food which prepared by Chicago ministers, all the members joined the prayer meeting. The Detroit minister Pastor led the prayer meeting. “Thank God giving us this time to gather together. Really it is not our own plans, but it is God time. Hope through this time all our mission field be revived.” One church minister shared. Thank God for pouring down grace upon all the members. May God open the door of heaven to pour down abundant Holy Spirit!

  • May 25 | 2018
    Campus Bible Study Helps Students’ Faith to Grow

    St. Louis Jubilee World Community Church keeps the campus bible study at UMSL. Students grow their faith through joining the bible study. On April 26, God brought one new student to the group.  The minister continued to teach the book of Romans. The minister shared the message from the Romans 3 verse 11-18. The pastor explained the sin of human being in details. “We have to know the sin well, so that we will be eager for the salvation. The sin enters to us, there is the channel. Once we know it, we will be able to protect ourselves. We want to love ourselves, so we need to protect ourselves well. It is not easy to be pure in the…